Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Entitlement vs. Freedom

I have been reading a few books by th author Tullian Tchividian. His books have been reminding of truth about my need for Christ. As I was reading today, I decided the quote I was writing down was worthy of a blog post. "God reminded me that in Christ I was already free. I was already redeemed- purchased from the slave market of sin and death. The deep liberation I craved, I already had. I was now forever free.Contrary to what I had thought, I did not need easing circumstances, relief from difficulty, and distance from pain in order to be free. I was learning that the freedom Jesus secured for me is not freedom from pain and suffing here and now. Rather, it's freedom from bitterness, anger, fear, resentment, self-pity, offense, and hopelessness in the crucible of present pain and suffering; it is freedom from MY burdensome sense of " I deserve better," the encumbrance of entitlement. I was realizing that only the gospel can free us from the enslaving pressure to defend ourselves." (jesus + nothing =everything, pg. 75-76). Wow, I have been viewing freedom in a broken mirror. I have been seeing a distorted picture of what true freedom is. It is not freedom from the scars of this world. It is not an easier life in terms of less grief or an ability to knumb the effects of the world. It is rather the knowledge that as a sinner I am not entitled to a certain kind of life. I do not have to prove my worth or "goodness" for God to love and accept me. I have been redeemed due to someone else`s doing. I can not boast that I had anything to do with it. Nor can I demand or expect to have certain experiences, relationships, or material possessions. As a Christian I have been given freedom from having to prove my worth.I am free from having to try to figure out why I was being punished when bad things happened. I am free to face the day knowing that Christ is on my side, he has already concured death and has allowed me to live a life free from feeling the insecurity I feel because he has secured my fate. He has given me an identity in Him. Now it is time to try to convince my thoughts of these truths that I know.

Monday, December 8, 2014


This is the cover of my art journal. This journal is one that I am starting to help me honor the sabbath. To find rest in my Creator. The words on these words describe why I need Sabbath in my life. Unwind: A chance to unwind. To relax and be rejuvenated. To take a break from being productive. Freedom: Freedom from being productive. Knowing that God is in control. If I do not get my to-do list done, the world will go on. Trust: Trust that God is the one in control. That only he is in control and not me. Rest: Rest in my Savior. Rest from being productive. Rest from this world. Release: Release control. Be at peace with who I am. Who I am in Christ. Create: Take time to Create. A task that is relaxing for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning to Reconnect

When I was in College, the pastor at the church I attended encouraged us to each year pick one word that we would focus on instead of making New Year resolutions. The word is supposed to be back up by scripture. His view was that New Year resolutions don´t last, usually focus on selfish things (loose weight, exercise) and if we fail we feel even worse or guilty. If you pick a word, easier to remember, and easier to apply.
This year I have decided to pick the word ¨Connect.¨ I have noticed I have become disconnected in many areas of my life with myself, God and others. This year I a going to spend more quality time alone either creating something or doing something I enjoy. I am going to reconnect with God in doing something for a quiet time instead of just reading. I have created a blog called ¨Learning to Reconnect¨which everyday I have a quiet time I will post something either re-writing scripture notes, re-writing the scripture in my own words, taking or finding a picture that represents the passage or verse, etc. The scripture I will base it on will be the scripture from the sermon on Sunday. This way I can really learn and apply what I learn on Sunday throughout the week. Then the last is to reconnect with others. I think for now that will be to write letters to people I have lost touch with and send them a card. I miss sending and getting mail. People don´t even write anymore everything is emailed or texted. I want to take time to reconnect with good old letters. We will see if I will be successful. I am excited and optimistic!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Car Talk

Every Sunday we meet at Drew and Diane Henley`s house in Vine City, a neighborhood in Atlanta, to eat pancakes and hang out with kids that live here. After pancakes we caravan over to church.
During this journey to and from church I have participated in many random and hilarious conversations. One morning Ron was telling me about this lady who he saw on a talk show that would sit done and eat toilet paper for a meal.

One Sunday after dropping some kids back to their houses I decided to write down part of the conversations to let you know what you are missing if you have never made it out to Sunday morning pancakes.

Kid 1: ¨I watched on the news this morning that dinosaurs didn´t die, they were sent to the future to year 2026.¨

We then started talking about time travel and aliens.

Kid 2: ¨If I see an alien when I am 80 I would move.¨

Then we started talking about youtube videos.

Kid 1: ¨I set my hand on fire for a youtube video.¨

Then we talked about that the rest of the trip home.